Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 2

Mare visits a grisly murder scene before informing the victim’s enraged father. As a video from the night of the crime surfaces, Mare questions suspects in the case and gives an icy welcome to County Detective Colin Zabel, who’s been called in to assist. Later, Mare bumps heads with locals and airs concerns about her grandson Drew in light of her late son’s mental health struggles.

Series: Mare of Easttown

Genres: Crime, Drama

Cameo: Vanita Kalra, Brian Rock, Lauren Pilgermayer, Katie Meginniss, Hannah Flannery, Caroline Mixon, Meredith Sullivan, Rachel Poletick, Joey Blanco, Jared Delaney, Cody N. Carter, Kate Arrington, Phyllis Somerville, Kittson O'Neill, Brian Gallagher, Gabi Faye, Madeline Weinstein, Brooke Stacy Mills, Jeremy Gabriel, Debbie Campbell, Patrick McDade, Pat DeFusco, Izzy King, Kassie Mundhenk, Ruby Cruz, Enid Graham, Cameron Mann, Jack Mulhern, Patrick Murney, Chinasa Ogbuagu, Robbie Tann, Justin Hurtt-Dunkley, Mackenzie Lansing, Connie Giordano, Katie Kreisler, Patsy Meck, Eric T. Miller, Drew Scheid, Anthony Norman, Sadat Waddy

Episode Title: Fathers

Duration: 57 min

Air Date: 2021-04-25