Human Factors

Human Factors

Jan, Nina and their two kids are a cosmopolitan, middle-class family. Nina and Jan have a successful career as account executives at their advertising company, but when Jan accepts to work on the campaign of a political party, Nina's exclusion from the decision-making leads to doubting and mistrust. When they decide to spend a family weekend at their house in a coastal holiday resort, a mysterious home invasion sets everything off balance. While they try to put the incident into perspective, agitation triggers off a shake in the family core. Told through narrative loops and shifting lenses, HUMAN FACTORS unveils the fragility of truth in the hyper-mediatized world and the power of individual perspective. —Heretic Outreach

Genres: Drama

Director: Ronny Trocker

Actors: Mark Waschke, Marthe Schneider, Spencer Bogaert

Country: Germany, Italy, Denmark

Writer: Ronny Trocker

Release: 31 Mar 2022

Language: de

Duration: 102 min


IMDb: 6.1