Secretariat's Jockey: Ron Turcotte

Secretariat's Jockey: Ron Turcotte

SECRETARIAT'S JOCKEY, RON TURCOTTE tells the sweeping story of jockey Ron Turcotte who reached the pinnacle of the Equine World in 1973, winning the coveted and extremely rare Triple Crown (The Kentucky Derby, the Maryland Preakness, and The Belmont in New York) of thoroughbred horse racing on the world famous champion horse Secretariat. The film follows Turcotte as he travels to the three Triple Crown racetracks that made him famous, and meets with his horse racing friends and colleagues, Hall of fame jockeys, and Mrs. Penny Chenery, the strong-willed owner of Secretariat. Confined to a wheelchair after a racing accident since 1978, Turcotte's strength of spirit, superstar status and dedication to the sport comes through convincingly in this warm, direct and illuminating documentary. —National Film Board of Canada

Genres: Documentary

Director: Phil Comeau

Actors: Penny Chenery, Ron Turcotte

Country: Canada

Writer: Phil Comeau

Release: 01 May 2013

Language: en

Duration: 75 min


IMDb: 7.2